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Recreational Crafts Directive (RCD)

When the RCD was introduced I was asked by the BMF to take part in the compiling of their Management System for boatbuilders and providing instructional material on the content of ISO Standards. From that time to this date I have invested a lot of time in making sure that I understand fully the requirements and obligations of the boatbuilders and owners with regard to the RCD.

As well as close and considered reading of the Directive, further understanding and clarity has come from consultations with Trading Standards officials and legal professionals.

I have seen a lot of misinformation and sometimes exaggerated costs where advice has been given. Therefore it has always been the policy of the company to provide clear and concise advice and support to all the persons who have come to me for advice on the RCD and to do so at a reasonable cost.

In association with the Notified Body Dutch Certification Institute I have formed DCI –UK with a colleague, this company now acts as surveyors for the Dutch Notified Body in providing all the relevant documentation for RCD Certification.

As well as advising a range of individuals advice has been provided to the following companies:-

Pascoe International
Winchester Boats
Three C’s Marine
Lauren Marine
Wilson Flyer
Marine Concepts

Westwood Marine
Farrier Marine
Concordia Yachting
Phantom Boats
Revenger Ribs
Swift boats

Wahoo Ribs
Whitmarsh Ribs
BWM Ribs
Global Trade Partners
Ice Marine

Diana Roberts RCD work

Vessels on which advised builders on to meet RCD

Diana Roberts RCD work
Diana Roberts RCD work

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