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Terms and Conditions

Vessel Preparation Cost

1. The client will be responsible for any costs incurred in preparing the vessel for survey or inspection, including any boat movements, removal of boat from the water, securing ashore and any other boatyard or marina costs including the repainting of sample areas of removed antifouling or other coatings.

2. The client will be responsible for all costs incurred of removal and reinstatement of fittings and fixtures including linings, claddings, the removal and replacement of secured sole boards and the opening of sheathing or other coverings at the discretion of the surveyor. The surveyor will not undertake the dismantling of any part of the vessel and will only remove portable items. No removal of other items as outlined above will be carried out without the prior consent of the owner or the owner's agent.


3. The client will reimburse the surveyor for any expenses reasonably incurred in the execution of her services. The surveyor will where practicable, advise the client before undertaking any work as to the approximate total of expected expenses.

4. Surveys undertaken within a ten (10) mile radius of the Bursledon office (excluding the Isle of Wight) will not incur travelling expenses.

5. Expenses will be paid upon receipt of the report of the survey for which they were incurred unless otherwise agreed

The Report

6. All reports of surveys and other services issued by the surveyor will be an impartial statement of all findings and will be subject to the limitations and conditions stated therein. Opinions will be given in good faith and without prejudice.

7. Reports of surveys will only be valid for the time at which they were undertaken.

8. No guarantee of is given or implied against any latent defects or any design faults, or the suitability of the vessel for any particular purpose or for the general safety of any vessel. Where a machinery inspection and/or testing is undertaken or where electronic testing of rigging terminals or electronic keel bolt tests are carried out, no guarantee can be given against any future malfunction or failure of such parts.

Surveyor's responsibility to client

9. The surveyor's responsibility is to the client commissioning the survey, inspection or service and to no other party, unless specified to the contrary in writing.

10. All reports, photographic records and other records of surveys or other work carried out by myself will be treated as confidential unless otherwise agreed in writing.


11. Fees for the standard range of surveys are based on the size of the vessel.

12. Fees for other types of surveys or services are based on an hourly rate to be advised. Work required to be undertaken over holidays or in unsociable hours could have an additional charge.

13. The fee or balance of the fee is payable prior to the receipt of the report.

14. Interest will be charged on accounts outstanding over 30 days at 8% plus the current reference rate plus any administration costs. Delay in payment may result in the delay of written reports.

15. Non payment of fees will void the report or any material contracted.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

16. Any matters relating to our professional services and/or to these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

17. In the event of any claim or claims for damages or negligence against Diana Roberts arising in the USA or Canada, such claim or claims shall be conducted and settled according to the Laws and Statutes of England, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


18. Diana Roberts retains the copyright to all survey and service reports, including where applicable any photographic records of the vessel and/or vessel defects if any.

Alterations of Terms and Conditions

18. Any agreement to alter these Terms and Conditions will only be effective in writing

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